Terms of service

Anti-Fraud and Money Laundering Prevention Policy:
  1. In accordance with the international legislation, the Service adheres to a number of rules that are directed at money prevention of money laundering (i.e. activity aimed at concealing the source of illegally obtained money or other capital assets) and other unlawful activity.
  2. The Service uses the internal automated system analyzing transactions and users' behavior (also called "fraud prevention system"), blocking any suspicious activity
  3. The Service sets limits on users' transactions, depending on the level of their verification and the country of residence.
  4. The Service reserves the right to suspend the account of the User and their current Orders until the User provides scans/copies of a government-issued photo IDs, as well as the proof of the funds' origin and other documents requested by the service.
  5. The Service reserves the right to refuse service in case an episode of activity related to: money laundering, fraud of any kind, as well as any other unlawful activities such as buy and sell stolen credit card.
Our service reserves the right to save and verify all the data provided by the User, employing any available means.
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